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Yes, small businesses can go for it. In fact, influencer marketing can be more budget-friendly as compared to traditional methods.

As influencers create content on their platforms for promoting the brand, they are the ones owning it. However, brands can decide on purchasing that to reuse in the other channel. All of it can be decided before finalising the deal.

No, there are different reasons for you to not perceive them as the same. Influencers promote a brand only once or twice. Brand ambassadors, on the other hand, do that on a repetition.

These campaigns are tailor-made to match the needs of the businesses. These costs can differ from the number of followers, influencer compensation, costs of labour, and extra digital spent during the promotion. Being the top influencer marketing agency in India, we can get you the best deal by focusing on factors like these.

Yes, it is. No matter whether it is the food and beverage industry or health and wellness, every business to customers (B2C) businesses can avail from influencer marketing campaigns.

No, they won't say no to promoted content, and the reason behind it is the level of trust that influencer and the consumer has. In the end, it is this trust only that can make them choose you.